The Time to Refresh Your Business Tech is Now

When it comes to a technology refresh, there really is no time like the present. IT decision makers that hesitate could find their business being overtaken by a nimble competitor.

The fast pace of technological change means it can sometimes feel like a good idea to put off an investment in new IT. But old kit can cause big problems, particularly in regards to performance, productivity and support.

Smart IT decisions makers avoid the drama that older IT can cause and instead refresh their technology before the problems mount. By working with a trusted partner, IT managers can refresh their business computers at a reasonable cost and produce a quick return on investment.

Understanding the need for action
Digital transformation is affecting all businesses in all sectors. From financial services to non-profit organisations, entrepreneurs with great ideas are using technology to bring their creative visions to life.

The reality for all organisations small, medium or large is the same – embrace digital disruption or risk being disrupted. Research from recruitment specialist Harvey Nash and consultant KPMG suggests 27 per cent of disruption is down to new digital innovations in product or service delivery.

Your ability to respond quickly to changing market requirements will be restricted if your creative workers do not have access to great technology. Organisations looking to remain one step ahead must ensure worker productivity is not restricted by legacy kit.

A great starting point is an investment in modern business computers, whether your workers rely on laptops, desktops or workstations. By giving your people access to high-performance business technology, your firms can ensure its operational capabilities are kept at the highest possible level.

Going for high performance
So which areas of your business technology set-up should you prioritise? By investing your budget in high-performance computers, your workers will be able to complete more tasks quickly and more effectively.

Rather than being held up by sluggish and outmoded kit, employees around your businesses will be able to perform the tasks of the digital age with confidence. Whether those tasks involve working in the cloud, manipulating big data or completing high-end design, your business technology will be ready to run.

The best business computers provide a big boost. As a previous Tech Page One article has demonstrated, research from Principled Technologies suggests modern PCs produce 145 per cent better system performance than legacy kit.

IT decision makers should pay attention to operating systems, too. Take Intel processor-powered desktop computers with Microsoft Windows 10, which outperform legacy towers on all key performance benchmarks.

Creating great business returns
The message, then, is clear – new business technology can improve productivity and performance. Such benefits help to explain why analyst Gartner suggests worldwide IT spending is forecast to total $3.49 trillion in 2016.

It is a huge figure, especially when placed within the context of global economic uncertainty. Yet as Gartner vice president John-David Lovelock notes, the need to invest in IT to support digital business is more urgent than ever before.

IT decision makers that make the right spending decisions now can help their firms to not only survive but to thrive in this digital world. A refresh of your business computing resources will provide reliable, high-performance kit.

That reliability means IT staff can spend less time supporting legacy technology. And your end users can use the kit to do what they do best – innovating for big business returns to the benefit of both your shareholders and your customers.

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